Welcome to the Island Room Restaurant.

Happy New Year!

It is very appropriate that I am writing our second to last update, the next one will be when we are open. Very soon… within the month of January. I do not have a date and won’t until everything is approved by the Powers that be.

I want to thank everyone who has followed us on this journey and thank those who plan to visit our restaurant. I must warn you it is brand new, very beautiful, not perfect, but better than ever. I have not cooked on any of my new appliance but, I assure I have not forgotten how to cook. We will open serving many of the favorites you enjoyed before and some new ones.

If you have a suggestion or idea please call or email me I will be happy to listen to you but, please remember patience and grace.

Gina cleaning the new bar!

The New Dining Room.

Update: Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! We sincerely hope that everyone had a great holiday.

We had big plans to be open by now but, to no avail. Working towards the end of the year maybe. We have had a great year without a restaurant. Lots of family time and me cooking at home and just enjoying life in general. I have seen a lot of sunsets and spent quality time with my son who is growing up too fast.

Things are really coming together here at the Cove and many people have stopped by to check on us. We will let you know when we open as soon as we do so, send me your email address so I can keep you up to date. Looking forward to cooking for you soon!

Update 15 October 2017

As you can see by these pictures things are coming together nicely. I have been receiving a lot of inquiries about the menu: "Is it going to be the same?" "Will you still serve THE bisque?" And it seems like everyone has at least one favorite but, my favorite is, "Please get open soon because we miss your cooking and your staff." This makes me the happiest, to hear that. We will still be serving a lot of what we served before but, there is going to be a good amount of new things too.
Something new we want to do is change the menu often. We will have all new stuff in the kitchen and I haven’t cooked on any of it so things will be different! No date yet but, if you want to be on our email list send me your email address and we will be sending notices about events and menus and whatever. Send it to islandroomsox@gmail.com. Cheers!

The tile in the new kitchen.

The New Dining Room Area.

Update 30 September 2017

We now know that we will positively open before Christmas. Yeah! I am not sure when, but there are so many things to work out before we get there. The dining room floor is done and it is beautiful. We are very happy with the colors we have chosen. Our famous tile person is working on the kitchen and bathroom tiles right now. So, as you can see it is coming together!

We look forward to serving you in our brand new restaurant soon!


Update 28 August 2017

Wow! We are getting real close to that ugly anniversary date. The flooring has been picked out and the details are coming together. NO, we do not have a projected opening date, and won’t. There are to many factors that won’t allow us to predict. This is going to be the Brand New Island Room! Many of our old employees will be back and I will be cooking your food in the kitchen but there is going to be a whole lot of new things! So stay tuned and excited because we are!

Here is the picture of our new ceiling, pretty isn’t it?
As you can see we are getting closer all the time.

These are some of our choices for the granite bar top. 

And here is my temporary kitchen!

Update July 21st 2017

And the reopening date is... we don’t know. It is very hard to predict when we will be ready. There are so many details that we have to address just to get there. As you see by these pictures the sheetrock is going up and the deck is being put back together. We have passed all of our inspections, so far. Ok so let’s just hope we are ready by the end of the year. Sooner if everything goes well. Stay tuned.

Update: Memorial Day Weekend 2017

We are rolling into June and the long, hot summer! Our goal is to open sometime before the storm's anniversary, September 1st. Many of you have stopped by to see how progress is coming along and we thank you.
The electricians are in the process of rebuilding our 30-year-old electrical wiring and things are moving along well. I have posted a picture of our original opening crew (I was the “Bar Manager” at the time). The other picture is when they took the office wall down and rebuilt it in one day, fun to watch how these guys do their work.
We are very proud of our new digs so stop by and visit any time. We are rebuilding our email list for events and parties so if you are interested in participating, please send your email address to: islandroomsox@gmail.com.

Happy Easter!

The restaurant rebuild is moving along at a rapid pace.
The windows are up and most of the framing is done. A couple of the biggest changes will be the new bar, bigger and with more seats. We have expanded the area by about 5 feet toward the marina. The rest rooms will be handicap accessible air conditioned and they will have an entrance from inside the restaurant.
I hope to be able to start serving food and drinks by early July!

Well here is the action from the first two days. It brings smiles to everyone's face to finally see something being done. We won't dwell on the past, it's full steam ahead. We don't really know when we will be open but it will be all new and just a bit different. We hope to have our usual smiling faces and the food will be amazing! You are more than welcome to come visit us but, be careful! We have roped the construction zone off- it is for your safety. CONSTRUCTION CREW ON A MISSION DO NOT DISTURB :). There are so many things to do to get ready to serve you, and we are so very excited to do so! Please stay in touch - posting the progress often!

Update March 27, 2017

Update December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Our drawings are finished and we have builders working on their bids. As soon as we select the winning bid we should have a time-table for opening.

It has been a busy holiday season even though I am not cooking in the restaurant I am still working on many different things. New menu items, planting and harvesting clams, driving teenagers around and working around the Cedar Cove.

We are very anxious to get back open but my dream of being open by Valentine’s Day is rapidly disappearing.
I will be cooking at the Community Center for the Children’s Art Center Benefit on January 20th and the Annual Lion’s Club Valentine’s Day Dance on February 14th.

Stay in touch!

Peter at the 2016 "Taste of Cedar Key"

Update: October 29th 2016

This picture is from the water looking in. This week we will be removing the rest of the windows and framework. The drawings are almost done and soon the rebuilding will begin. We are planning some positive changes, a new bar with more seating, bigger kitchen with tile floor and lots of new equipment, the bathrooms will be bigger AND you won’t have to go outside to get to them. No date on reopening but, we are hoping for the first of the year. We will post again when we have more news.

Take care and we hope to see you soon,
Peter and Gina

Hurricane Hermine – you are not a nice lady………

Thursday September 1st was the last time for a while that we would see the Island Room Restaurant in one piece. We did what we were supposed to do, boarded up the windows, picked inventory off of the floor, moved the tables and chairs to the pool side of the restaurant, the usual tropical storm prep to get her ready for the evening. As we head off the island we have no idea that our lives are hours away from being devastated.

Sleep that night was fitful to say the least, wind, rain, loss of power and more wind and rain. Gina was up and down during the evening and started telling me about some of the posts that were coming from town that were very disturbing, friends in their businesses posting about a wall caving in, people being picked up by boats on 2nd street. At daybreak when we could see I got up to get ready for the trip into town, Gina and I live about 12 miles off of the Island in Rosewood. Our front yard was completely underwater, so that meant that the only means of transportation to get into town would be our 350 Ford 4x4 truck (aka clam truck)

Friday September 2nd

Walking down the driveway to see about our chances of getting out I find leaves and limbs and a 50 foot pine tree upended across our driveway. We are told the earliest we could get on the island would be 10am ish. It’s 6 now so that leaves me four hours to get that tree out of our way. Whizz, bang, buzz-buzz it’s out of the way and I still have all my limbs. It’s always great to have a chainsaw in the tool shed!

We make our way onto the Island and number 4 bridge with all the vehicles waiting to gain access to the Island – thank God for a special entry pass to keep the people who do not belong on the Island in this situation off. We arrive at the restaurant to walk around to assess the damages.

Gina’s video tells the story without words. Our life’s work of 25 years has been swept away by the storm, complete shock, despair, awe, disgust and yes amazement are just a few of the words to describe our feelings and emotions.

For those of you who know us we are the perfect yin & yang. I am controlled, calm and reserved she is fiery, open and gregarious. We blend together to make a wonderful union. We will stick together and we promise to ourselves and our customers that we will be back and better than ever!

We have decided to use this website to update our progress on rebuilding. Our lives are totally disrupted our rental offices and gym were ruined and we are going to rebuild those also. We will be able to rent rooms shortly because there was minimal damage to the rooms.

Friday September 9th

Wow! It’s been a week! Many emotional ups and downs, tears, anger, not much joy. We have many wonderful friends, employees and volunteers that have helped us clean out all of the destruction. One of the saddest parts of this is our wonderful employees. They are now out of work for how long? At this point we are not sure. The place has come a long way, most of the debris is out and all the ruined equipment, furniture, food, silverware, tablecloths, etc. Not much can be saved; there were waves over 6ft inside the restaurant. We have recovered many bottles of wine and liquor from under the dock and off the beach, I’m sure we will continue for years to find interesting things. On a positive note, we can rebuild it how we want it and make some very nice changes. We will have all new wiring and plumbing and brand new equipment. Monday morning an engineer is coming to make sure it is safe to rebuild, keep your fingers crossed and pray. We now have our internet on in the restaurant and the phone number 352-543-6520 rings at our house. I am getting email at islandroomsox@gmail.com and soon we will have an answering machine/service on the 6520 number. We lost all our menus, checkbook and invoices and if we had an event planned before we are able to re-open please contact me.

Stay tuned to follow the rebuild of this great business…… We will be back


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